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Shimmering Body Glow "Bomb Bae" 2oz

Tulip's Bomb Body Care

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Shimmering Body Glow "Bomb Bae" 2oz
Shimmering Body Glow "Bomb Bae" 2oz

Are you ready for a BOMB glow? Look no further, Our Bomb Body glow is hydrating and will leave your skin soft with a subtle Bomb Bae glow.


Great for all skin types

Size: 2 oz  

How to use:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE!  Apply to face and body for a bomb glow, Layer for a brighter glow. This Shimmering body oil can be used whenever you want to GLOW! This body glow can be used by itself or before you apply your foundation for that dewy, glowy look you want.  

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cosmetic Mica Powder 

*** Mica powders are combined with carrier oils to create a bomb glow!

ALL ITEMS ARE HANDMADE AND MADE TO ORDER. Please allow for minor differences in your products - each product is one of a kind - just like you.

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