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TBBC Co. Signature Candles

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TBBC CO. Signature Single Wick Candles are made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and natural fragranced essential oils. Our candles melt consistently and evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room, with a burn time of approximately 25 - 40hours!
9oz - 1 wick candles

I Am … 

Notes of citrus and amber musk

You are deserving of what you are asking for- Ask, believe, and receive ! I Am is a spicy, citrus, modern scent with high vibrations & positive energy.


Note of cocoa butter spice, sandalwood and vanilla

This warm spicy, cocoa butter & vanilla blend smells like New beginnings… remember Life is what you make it so trust the process & have faith. Sending power, love, light and patience. Be easy with yourself as you light this candle and set the mood just for you.


Blacker The Berry…
Notes of spice plum, cinnamon and incense

Blacker the berry is a sweet and spicy, warm, woody incense scent that makes you feel juicy and bomb af. This candle is a whole mood and will have you feeling every part of who you are. Sweet, juicy and hella bomb.