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Patchouli + Sandalwood Beard Balm

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Tulips Bomb Body Care Co.

- Men's Collection -

This beard balm formula will protect and condition your beard while moisturizing your skin underneath for healthy beard growth!

The 2oz size will give you plenty to use!

Key notes of the formula include Rice Bran Oil & Patchouli Essential Oil
Rice Bran Oil: This oil is rich in vitamin E and anti-inflammatory benefits that work to strengthen your beard roots while providing shine and protection.
Sandalwood Essential Oil: It contains notes that aid in healing acne and scarring. The use of Sandalwood can promote a smooth complexion and add some extra shine to your beard.
How to use: 
- Dig in with two fingers, rub together briefly, and work directly into your beard
- Give your beard a massage into the roots
- For best results: Follow up with a brush or comb to cover each strand completely
- Now show off your beard with confidence!

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