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Group Yoga / Party Yoga

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This group/ party yoga sessions are for small- large group or parties. Ideal for improving flexibility, balance and strength while relaxing the mind.  You will partake in an unforgettable yoga experience you won't forget. We cater every yoga flow dedicated to each group needs.  

-Birthday yoga party: (Children and Adults): Share a yoga class with the people you love. Invite your friends and family for an experience you'll always remember (for all ages). 

Family yoga party: Share an in home yoga experience for the entire family. No matter your ages, we will create a fun class perfect for the whole crew.

Couples yoga party: Intimacy created on a different level. Connect with your partner through a specialized private yoga class that's tailored to meet your specific needs. *Hip and heart opener yoga poses are primarily done during the session. 

Bachelorette/ Bridal yoga party: Share your celebration with one of our amazing instructors for a tailored group yoga class you will never forget or Pamper the bride-to-be with a personalized yoga class perfect for the entire group. Wedding day bookings available as well!

Corporate Wellness Yoga party: Elevate your work environment, event or work by adding a yoga or meditation class or both. This has been proven to improve participants' concentration, focus and mental health. *Chair yoga poss are primarily done during the session. 

- Retreats:  Yoga retreats are the perfect way to renew your spirit, reconnect with self and nature while having fun! A special destination is required and that provides a beautiful environment for relaxing, mixed with rich cultural sites and experiences to nourish your mind, body and soul. Please contact us by email for to book this yoga retreat!

*Be sure to send us an email with your group/ party info (party type, party time, any specific needs to focus on? Location and any pertinent information that is needed. Lastly each Yoga Party will be catered to your group or party needs

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