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About the TBBC Lifestyle


Tulip's Bomb Body Care specializes in creating a positive and fulfilling self-care routine. I make hand-made and affordable body scrubs, body butters, clay masks, face scrubs, shimmering body oils and apparel. We offer products for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing by allowing Tulip’s Bomb Body Care to nourish from the inside-out. 
I believe in using the best ingredients only. TBBC skincare products hydrate, soften, tone, smooth the skin while alleviating dryness, unclogs pores, reduce inflammation and gently heals dry, problematic areas while rejuvenating your skin and giving it a bomb glow! You can pronounce every ingredient and TBBC is safe for your face, skin and body (follow instructions as directed). Ingredients that we use in all our products are 100% natural, raw, and vegetable/plant based.
#TulipInspirations is another way I help others look and feel their best. Tulip Inspirations are weekly motivational posts about real life experiences, how to overcome those tests, and life struggles. Please use it as fuel to remain humble, positive, and trusting the ‘season’ you are in. These messages are meant to inspire, motivate, inform, and benefit my 'bombers' in their everyday life. Please share, comment, and post how #TulipInspirations has inspired you along your journey.