No matter the likes or support keep following your dreams!

Hey Bomb Squad, 
It has been a minute since I've written any #Tulipinspirations Blogs. There has been so much going on and I have been neglecting my baby to make sure other business ventures are getting what they need, which is 'water' so they are able to bloom the way God has given me the vision for them too. I am learning how to manage my time so I don't feel like I'm overworking myself and constantly on the go. It's a work in progress but I am taking the needed strides. I've decided to write this blog post to help those out who may be feeling discouraged or feel like giving up due to people not showing their support. Know that God will always bless the lane that was created for you, as long as you are aligned with your assignment and purpose. If it's for you it will be for you no matter how many people are doing what you are doing and/or you are not getting the support.
Today's BLOG POST is dedicated to 2 things. 
1. Never giving up no matter what challenges you face 
2.  What to do even if you don't get the support you need
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Do you post your business or brand and get 0 likes? Do you often feel discouraged due to your audience not liking or engaging in your posts? Are you not getting the support from your family and friends? Do you feel like giving up? 
If you’re feeling like this Continue reading. . . .
Discouragement can easily knock you off your A- Game and will have you questioning whether you should be giving up on your business or if achieving your dream is possible. If you are feeling fear in your business you are not alone. Myself and thousands of others have too felt this pain BUT are now successful entrepreneurs or working to become successful. Trust me giving up was not an option no matter what challenges came along the way. We all struggle with bad days but pick yourself up and keep going!!!  
As an entrepreneur you’ll have busy days, days you'll want to give up, frustrated days, you’ll have slow days and you’ll have "What The F**k" days. You'll have days where you make hundreds of dollars and days you make $0. It’s natural for us as humans to seek recognition, love and support from our loved ones. See, we all have family and friends that genuinely love us, support us and continuously liking, sharing or commenting on our posts. Then you’ll have family and friends that envy you and can’t stand to see you win. These are the ones to view or see your post but never like, comment or share. We all want support from those who mean the most to us but as reality sets in and the expectations you've expected only brings us down to reality; we get a chance to see things for what they really are. 
We will never fully know why we don't get the support from certain family members and friends but just know God will align the right people in your life despite the likes, comments or shares, God will bless your business and then some, God will open doors for you that he can only open & God will make room FOR YOU. 
What ever you do, do not give up. This is your life and if people have a problem with how you are running your business then they can unfollow you or talk to God (haha). We all know that the beginning is always the hardest but you have to believe in yourself, push through the obstacles, keep going, continue to be consistent, have faith and trust God.
When you post on social media there will be the ones that like/ love your posts and there will be those that will view your posts but never like/ love. Don't get discouraged. Continue living out and fulfilling your dream while turning your passion into your purpose. No matter how small or big your business is promote it like your life depends on it. You are a walking advertisement for your brand. Who cares if you have 100 likes and 0 likes. Remember that here is a reason WHY you started that business. Often times we just need to reconnect to the WHY? 
ASK YOURSELF- Why did I decide to start this business? 
No matter the likes, no matter the support, no matter the shares continue to promote your business. When your business is slow of course it's easy to sink into self pity and start questioning. I need you to shift your focus on God, yourself and your business. Having the right mindset and attitude can change your current situation and life.
You are your Brand and your customer service is your brand! 
 Fuel your passion and Keep Fucking Going! 


Gwendolyn Johnson

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This was a great message. I think it can apply to life as well, never give up on yourself!

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