Journey to Healing

You cannot heal yourself, or situations in your life in which you are unwilling to confront and face within yourself. Sometimes we have to look in the mirror, be real with ourselves, do some admitting, confront or dig to the ROOT of the problem and start tackling it head on.

What ever we don’t handle or confront will resurface but in a different way.  

Us as human beings find numerous ways to numb or feelings, pain, or emotions simply because we rather not deal with them. We may numb our pain by drinking, smoking, sexual desires, social media, entertaining people, places and things or simply acting out irrationally. We often hide, run and try to escape from reality, knowing those issues are going to have to be addressed at some point of our lives. 

Sometimes the numbing is filled with temporary Band-aid fix "QUICK FIX". This type of solution is to cover up the problem at hand, however it does little to nothing to mitigate the underlying problem. Stop running from your problems, or yourself. You are on the process of becoming exactly who you are meant to be, the process of healing and let it be that. There is no time frame on when to heal; day by day little by little is all you can do. Once we own up to our truths, admit, acknowledge our wrong doing, and face the situation it will make you feel balanced ( as if you no longer have to run and hide). I am a firm believer in "If you dont solve or handle the problem it will continue to hunt you where ever you go"

. We’ve all done that type of cover up right? I cant be alone! Lets be real! 

Just remember that ignoring your problems or issues won’t make them go away. If you need help or want to talk to somebody reach out to someone you trust, God(church), friend, family, spouse, teacher, supervisor, or a therapist. Healthy hearts, mind, and bodies are our mission. 

I am on the journey to healing and so are you. We can do this together, you are not alone!

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