Hey Bombers, Issa new MONTH Happy July- Are you ready for what this month will bring?

Hey Bombers, Issa new MONTH Happy July. 


Can you believe we are literally more than half way through 2020? How are y’all feeling? If you don't know it's okay. Dig deep down inside and figure out what is causing you to feel.

Be mindful and intentional.  


Question- What are some goals you want to accomplish this month? Have you written them down and set them in a place where you’re able to see them daily? Do you pray over your goals daily and repeat them to yourself? Do you talk to God about them, do you put a time limit on when you want achieve them? Just remember nothing is free and easy in life. You must continue to work for everything you want. Make sure you are intentional about every move you make!!!


"What ever you choose to do - embrace it, believe in it, and commit fully to it. Don’t worry about what others will say or think about you, you just do you"- Tulip Walker  


It won’t be easy we know that- however it will be absolutely worth it. Consistency is key, keep your eye on the prize, know where you are headed, hustle and work hard, God got you he will take care of the rest‼️  I’m ready to receive it all openly & honestly!!! 












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