Happy New Years Eve - Until we meet again Bomb Squad ....

Okay so you guys do know that I am a little bit dramatic right? LOL I am not going any where for real but I am going on a self-care break.

Very much needed!!! 

I wanted to inform you all that We are going on a month or so break to plan, prepare and take action for 2021. We’ve had an exceptional year despite the pandemic and I really truly want to thank each and every one of you who has ever supported, bought anything, loved/Liked, commented, shared/ reposted or told anyone about Tulip’s Bomb Body Care. In order for me to continue to pour into you all, run a successful online skincare business, create unique natural bomb products that can be used by anyone and expand, I am needing this time to detox my mind, body and soul. My business is only as good as I can be, If I need to rest, relax and reset then that is what's needed. Taking a break not only will allow me to decompress but it also will have a huge impact on our business productivity. During this break I will be able to focus on self, and allow my head space to step back, rest and reassess. 

The next season for us is requiring more of me as the business owner and I need to make sure that I’m able to give from a full cup! Not a cup that is burned out, tired, and scattered brain. I simply need to re-center and balance myself and my life. I struggled writing this post because I don't want to take a break from social media, from you guys but I learning that it is a necessity for my health, life, well being and business! 

If you take anything from this blog post remember that, "Taking a break is very much needed for any entrepreneur/ business owner". 

With that being said ...... 

1. Our website will still be open for you to purchase your bomb products. All orders will still ship out on Tuesday’s/ Thursday’s 

2. If you have not already PLEASE be sure to leave a review on the website under which ever the product you ordered!

3. If you have not already be sure to write down, pray over, manifest and be intentional about your 2021 goals. PUT THAT WORK IN!!!!! 

Bombers, When I return I promise I am going to return to you all better than I left. We have some New-New things in store for Tulip's Bomb Body Care, LLC and I can't wait to share with you all.


I love you, I thank you, you are the bomb
- Love Always, Tulip

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Take care of yourself Tulip we will be here when you return. Love the blog post ❤️

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