Goodbye October - Hello November

It's Safe to say that We are back and better than ever.  I feel refreshed from taking a break from social media and my business, Ya girl has work to do and this is a job that God designed specifically for me.................. 

I took the whole month of October off because I needed time to refuel for my personal and self-care needs, time to align myself and get ready for the next assignment that God has for me and time to create products that you all are going to love. The last couple of months have been busy and on the go go that I honestly got burned out and felt myself pouring from an empty cup. I had no other way but to pull back and take a hiatus to figure out what was next. October was a time for me to self reflect, build and strengthen my relationship with God and my husband, me finding out more of what I can offer and do with my business #Tulipsbombbodycare. Taking a break, refueling from life, from social media was something that I needed todo and something that had to be done. I am so happy I took this time off. My mind is clear, my mood is uplifted and I am full ready to finish this year out with a BANG!!! . 

They say seasons change is “just” a phrase but I believe that Seasons have the force to change our mood, change our lives and change our perspectives. Seasons are vital to the transition and evolution of our world and also us as humans too. Listen to your body, Go with the flow, try to understand the purpose of the season, and change with the time. TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON AND REASON!

We are happy to be back and I thank you Bombers for placing your orders with us during our time off.


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Whose ready for some NEW products :) #Stay-tuned 

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