Dream BIG-Always Pray-Have Faith-Trust God & Execute

 There is something that happens when you consecrate yourself to the lord, you seek him, listen and be still to his words, have faith and trust him while being consistent and working on your goals and dreams 

 I know I am not the only one who has been seeing a post going around social media over the last couple months and I couldn’t agree with it more.

6 months from now you can be in a completely different space mentally, physically, financially. KEEP working and believing in yourself”- unknown


Half of 2019 has come and gone. Ask yourself, am I making strides to accomplish that Goal I set for myself way in January? If your answer is NO then you should read this! 

 ---------> 6 months ago I was definitely in a different space mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. With life issues hitting me at once, less than 100$ in my business account, only 4 clients from the previous year, fearful if people were going to like my products and so forth; all I knew was that I wanted to turn my passion into profit and start the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going to start but I believed in myself and I spoke things into existence, daily prayers, fasting and positive affirmations. I will show and tell you what can happen when you work consistently at your goals for 6 months straight. Trust me, there were lots of sacrifices being made, long nights and early morning, thoughts of giving up because things weren't moving at my speed or how I wanted them too but I never gave in or up. I continued to let my struggles and frustrations fuel me to remain humble and keep going. It feels awesome knowing that I have already met half of my personal and business goals for 2019.  Since allowing God to be the CEO of my life and business, I have seen the fruits of my labor manifest in ways I couldn't imagine, and I have been consistent and authentic in all I do. Not only do I believe in myself and my dreams; I trust God, the process and allow things to manifest as they should on Gods timing. I am beyond confident that I will not only continue to smash my 2019 Goals but I will approach it with certainty. 

In January, a little after the new year had started, I was at work one day and I decided to write and type down my monthly goals that I wanted to accomplish each month for the remainder of the 2019 year. Hell, I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish half of those goals but I believed in myself, my potential, my vision, my goals and my brand. I am that type of person to set my mind to something and go full force while working my ass off to make sure I achieve that goal. I am a full time risk taker and there is something inside of me that continues to persevere no matter what happens along the way. I always ask myself, “How do you know if you never try”? The least that can happen is you fail, or things not working out how you planned but that’s okay, go back to the drawing board and start over. DON'T BE SCARED TO START OVER, ITS APART OF LIFE! You tried, so give yourself that much credit. Some people would’ve been scared of the thought and never would’ve applied themselves, NOPE NOT ME!!  


The problem now A-days is that people want that instant gratification and they don’t want to work for what they want instead they rather things get handed to them; they take the easy way out. Let me tell you this, what comes easy wont last. Don't you want long term satisfaction instead of short term satisfaction. Let me tell you something. STOP trying to miss the struggle, with struggles come strengths. Struggling builds character and through it all remain humble, have faith & trust the process. The struggle is where you are built, embrace it, learn from it, and grow from it. 


2019 Monthly GOALS



  • Monthly goal of 300$ (Made in sales)
  • Full throttle of TBBC business 1000% give all you got and dont stop. This is your baby that God allowed you to birth and nurture
  • Turning my passions into purpose - you got this mama 



  • Monthly goal of 400$ (Made in sales)
  • Launch Pink Himalayan Salt bomb body scrub 8 and 16 oz.
  • Launch the Vday Pack sets for scrubs and butters



  • Monthly goal of 500$ (Made in sales)
  • Start researching Packaging, containers, labels for new products (3)
  • Face scrub, Body shimmer, Clay masks, and Bath sets
  • Ingredients (For each product) – research



  • Monthly goal of 600$ (Didn’t make goal – 492$)
  • Continue to build, brand and market TBBC / build clientele
  • Pick a book and Start outlining your book to - Publish by the END of the year!

- (Book title here) I already know which book I am going to start writing :) 

  • Finalize new products, their ingredients, labels and packaging- COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL
  • Website builder research ( shopify or wix)- COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL


May –

  • Monthly goal of 700$ (Didn’t make goal- 624$)
  • Attend at least one vendor showcase to promote TBBC – COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL
  • Start building website and publish - COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL
  • Research on what is needed for “NEW PRODUCTS” like vendors, Labels, Packaging, Ingredients COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL 
  • Launched all 3 NEW products!!!!! COMPLETED in MAY AND SUCCESSFUL


Monthly May Stats




  • Monthly goal of 800$ (So far 605$)
  • At least 1 show case COMPLETED AND SUCCESSFUL
  • Launch Bomb body glow shimmers- COMPLETED in MAY AND SUCCESSFUL
  • You should be writing your book (The outline is completed just have to sit down and start writing) – This is a struggle for me.
  • Start on July and August Goals- STARTED 
  • Every day work on or towards a dream or goal you have- SUCCESSFUL 




Moral of the story a lot can happen in your life when you remove distractions from your life, you set goals and work towards them everyday even during the times you dont want too, make needed sacrifices that’s going to help you get to your destination, trust the lord, pray and most importantly be yourself, trust yourself and your vision; be consistent in all you do. I am confidently going in the direction God created for me and that I prayed for and I am allowing him to be the CEO. I promised myself I am not going back to my old self or my old ways. God delivered me from that person for a reason, I would be a fool to go back. I will become and I will accomplish every dream that I set for myself just watch. This is only the beginning and I am MOTIVATED AF! Dreams don’t have deadlines so keep pushing.


“Don’t ever give up. Don’t let your fears or frustration knock you down. Replace FEAR with FAITH, Don’t let others convince you your dreams and goals are too BIG, TIME is just that-TIME; there is no race simply a marathon. Remember your only competition is yourself. Stop comparing and competing yourself to others and start comparing and competing against the old you. We all have our time and our time will come”
- Tulip Walker

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