Destiny Squad Radio Show Interviewed Tulip's Bomb Body Care, Did you catch it?

Tulip's Bomb Body Care appeared on our first radio show and it was so amazing!!! 

We first want to send a HUGE shout out to Destiny Squad Radio Show for bringing us on and allowing us to tell our story. 


If you missed it live dont worry, watch our Interview below :) 

Click Link ---> 

Time start: 32:00 

Time end: 57:00

I have watched this interview numerous of times, I am still in shock that Tulip's Bomb Body Care is getting recognized for its bomb benefits, for its inspiration and more. I was so nervous and scared to go on air live but the moment I sat down it felt so familiar, like something I have done before. I loosened up and allowed the Lord to use me. It was such an honor to be able to talk about my baby, my business. I have worked so hard over the last 8 months to get my baby off the ground and I am starting to see the seeds I planted a year ago blossom and manifest. Let me be the one to tell you that everything you are speaking, praying for and visualizing will come together. You're about to celebrate in a major way, just don't give up. I am so blessed and humble for the journey I am on while being an entrepreneur (it's not easy but I was made for this) - Read #Tulipinspirations blog post 

Tuhh, who said being an E N T R E P R E N E U R was easy!?  (click & read now)

After being interviewed I felt a sense of relief, a sense of achievement and a sense of knowing I can really accomplish anything I put my mind too. If y'all dont know let me tell you that

"Words are powerful and you can literally speak things into existence

- Tulip"

Not only am I learning to believe in my self more and more and stop the self doubt, I'm also learning to know and understand how BOMB I am without people celebrating or validating me. Let me tell you something, friends and family will not always support you nor will they clap for you, so you have to learn to clap and celebrate your on victories. Jealousy, creed and envy is Real. You do not need others validation to know your worth,The only person who can validate us is GOD


 Well Bombers, I am so ready to appear on another radio show or podcast. There were so much things I missed and I wanted to say and add (I forgot). I guess I have to wait until I make another appearance. In the mean time I am going to be practicing and getting ready for the shows God is lining up for me as I type. This is only the beginning for #TBBC and we are excited for the places God is taking us, the people he is lining up for our paths to cross and the endless opportunities that will arise...  


Love yourself always and know how bomb you are

- Love Tulip  


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