5 YEARS ago TODAY!!!!

On this day today, 5 years ago I accomplished one of the biggest dreams I ever dreamt. I Graduated from college, not only did I graduate but I graduated from Shaw University (#ShawU) with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Sociology with a 3.5 GPA.

Did I mention this is one of the oldest and first HBCU’s in the south?



As an African American BLACK young woman from California, a troubled youth who was constantly in and out of trouble, a youth with generational curses, a youth who grew up in the foster system without a Mother or Father, a youth who was against all odds from birth, a youth whom faced numerous adversities, a troubled youth with a criminal background, a youth who was the first person in her family to attend a university and to graduate, a youth who got another chance at life and wanting more is something I didn’t take for granted. 


I always knew I wanted to go to college but I didn’t know where or what I was going to major in. All I knew that I wanted to leave home after High school and go far away as possible. I want to thank Mr. Alan Rowe (U-CAN) for helping me apply, take the needed tests, and obtain the proper documentation that was needed for College. Honestly, going AWAY to school had to be the best thing for me (so happy I did). Being away and on my own taught me how to become better and stronger version of myself. I learned how to be self sufficient/ independent, I gained new life experiences to add under my belt,it taught me important life skills, it taught me how to love and find myself,it taught me how to live in the real world with out my grand parents who’ve raised me since a baby, I’m so happy I met a lot of amazing people/ friends, and I got a chance at higher education.  


My college years were filled with HIGHS and low lows. Below you can Read SOME of my highs and lows. 



- I was apart of the modeling troop which I loved. It helped build my self confidence and allowed me to express my self in ways that others could relate too. 

- I was apart of Student Government Association (SGA) administrative assistant 

- I participated in the Kappa Pageant in 2011 

- I met amazing people who are now either close friends or family 

- I found my strengths and weaknesses along with things about myself I knew nothing about! 

- I joined my home church in NC at Watts Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Harry White

- I was involved in ministry as a praise dancer and youth leader 

- Great support from staff, teachers and my church family 



- I graduated a year after my original graduation date 

- The day Of graduation I got a call from my counselor saying I could not graduate due to my being short 3 credits which was one class and I had to take an on the spot written test about criminal law and I had to pay 600$ for that class

- I got in trouble with NCPD, I was in jail my Senior year for 3 and a half weeks and was facing 15 years for a crime I did not commit 

(Another story for a different day)

- I had lost both of my Full time jobs 

- I had been in an abusive relationship

- I had lost some friends and family members 

- I was in the beginning stages of homelessness 

- I had to withdraw from school Due to my involvement with the law and had to move back home to CA at the end of my senior year

- I steered away from God, and was battling suicide, depression, anxiety and other illnesses


To say the least- my 5 years of under grad was simply amazing and full of real life experiences that helped shape me into the women I am today. It had been a long time coming, but my hard work, dedication, persistence, resilience, strength,faith and commitment made it all possible!! You don't know my story nor my struggle. you don't know what I been through or what I’ve seen. My tests and my trials only strengthened me and made me wiser. I don't expect you to feel sorry for me and I don't expect for you to understand because you never will. Lord, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for EVERYTHING I had to deal with during those 5 years. Thank you for keeping me in those dark days, your protection was more than enough. I have so many BUT GOD testimonies and this is one. My past my present and my future are all in your hands and I am so blessed to be able to share my story with my bombers. 

Let’s just say GOD had other plans for my life and I am so happy He did. 

Lord I thank you! 
- Love Tulip 



Baby you are so strong, resilient and just Bomb! Love your first post and happy 5 years of being a college graduate.


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